Sunday, November 29, 2009

More news about Ktog

This weekend I got one yarn review knitted and typeset, and typeset the review of the sock yarn I've been working with. I also got Web Browsing dine and finished off our Enduring Classic Book Review. Waiting in the wings is a local yarn shop feature by a guest author, and some pieces for Gizmos and Gottahaves -- Cabin Fever has a new pattern!

The photos of mohair don't turn out well at the best of time, but here is the yarn in question, with a stripe of sock yarn that was used as a pattern in another project.

Last weekend, Mom and I went to Karen Lawrence's Purls of Wisdom retreat. Karen closed her shop, SheepStrings, earlier this year, but she continues to make hand-painted yarn which she will be selling at shows. I bought this yummy yarn which, in real life, looks like a field of sunflowers! The photo at right isn't doing it justice at all!
Having spent the day in the office, I'm off to do a bit of knitting!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Two Weeks...

and another productive weekend in the office! Yesterday I prepared notices for our advertisers and retailers about the changes coming to Canadian Guild of Knitters. Since the retailers will be made aware of them before the next issue of Knit Together comes out, I may make an announcement in the blog here within the next couple weeks. Keep your eye on this space!

Today, I got another page laid out for the November issue and marked one of the test packages for Level 2. Last weekend I marked another Level 1 package, which should be safe at its maker's home by now.

This past summer hasn't afforded me the focus I need to work on complex projects, so I've been working on self-striping socks, a plain mohair shawl, baby surprise jackets, and a yarn sample or two just to keep the fingers nimble. As that much-missed characteristic finds its way back into my days, I've found a project just right for my still-hurting attention span: a clock. A Fair Isle clock. I saw the "Clock Tam Kit" in the Knit Picks catalogue, and thought, "Cool," and moved on. That would have been it, if Darling hadn't seen it and said "Wouldn't it be neat for you to knit a clock?" One gauntlet, thrown down. I ordered the kit, and, after perusing the directions and modifying some of the numbers, I dug in. Apart from the 5 (which I didn't change quite enough), I'm pleased with the result. I'm especially happy that the colours that came with the kit matched the wood of the kitchen cupboards so well! This was a good project to try and 'get back in the swing again.'
The other two Fair Isle projects I started this year are in a holding pattern and will remain there until the focus is truly back on track.
I want to leave this post with a warm fuzzy: Zoey, the CGK mascot, has separation anxiety, so she's usually not far from wherever I am. That usually includes the shower. One recent morning, I stepped out of the shower and found her curled up on my bath robe, which had slipiped off the side of the bath tub. She is a pretty princess, and to be truthful, I think she looks good on coral.
Next weekend, Bonnie and I are going to a retreat in Muskoka with workshops by Sally Melville. Again, watch this space for information of our escapades.