Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas, knitters!

Every once in a while, I enjoy getting into a kitchen. Today was such a day. There's so much left to do to make Christmas happen (there isn't one decoration up around here yet), and we've got dinners and neighbourhood get-togethers planned from here 'til New Year's Eve, but, today was Kitchen day!

Darling made an apple pie for dessert tonight, and I made a pumpkin coffee cake. I do believe I've messed up the baking terribly, and in fact, have made a pumpkin frisbee, but time will tell. I'm sure with the butter rum sauce over it no one will ever know! The recipe made up like a cookie recipe, so maybe it's supposed to be a little flat and crunchy... Regardless, Darling's pie will be a success.

Then there were the pumpkin muffins... once you've opened a can of pumpkin, you might as well make the most of it, eh? I made two dozen, one with raisins and one with craisins. A sample of them indicated success, despite the fact that the batch with the raisins didn't get its 1/2 cup of buttermilk (don't like the stuff, anyway!)

In order to accomplish these feats, no decorating got done, and no writing got done either. Sigh. Tomorrow, though. I also missed the Christmas pot luck luncheon with the spinners' guild, so if any of the guilders are checking in, this is me, giving a wave and wishing you a Merry/Happy!

Progress on the shawl workshops continue, and if I hurry, I'll have enough daylight for a yarn review photo for the magazine that I can plug in while I'm here in this chair tomorrow. There are a few photos waiting my attention, now that I think of it....