Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

As we approach the close of 2010 (a rollercoaster if ever there was one -- for me), I want to wish all Canadian Guild of Knitters members, all my friends and my family, a happy 2011.

May peace and love reign.

Every day I am one step closer to having my new life organized. Earlier this week, I emptied some boxes in the office. I'm changing to a different filing system, and trying to piece back together the components of 2010 that got scattered hither and yon.

By January 4, I plan to have all my recent orders processed, my next article written, and my KAP marking done so I can participate in a KAL or two guilt-free.

Because I needed to carve out some knitting time over the holidays, I finished this shawl for my Mom. It is the garter stitch Gracie from Myrna Stahmann's book, made of 316 grams of 'well-aged' Kroy (my favourite yarn for shawls).
I made the shawl at the right for my sister, but no one believes she will wear it. I started out making it for myself, but the colour isn't right for me. The yarn is Knit Picks Gloss, (took @ 180 grams), and the pattern is a free Ravelry Download -- look for the Elizabeth Zimmermann 100th birthday commemorative shawls set designed by mwaa (a lady from Ontario, as it happens). I used the camping shawl for the body, but used the hearts edging from the other two shawls in the set.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Go ahead... Skype me!

At the prompting of a knitter in Eastern Ontario, I have signed on to Skype. Knitters who want to contact Canadian Guild of Knitters can now Skype cynthia.cgknitters when you see I'm on-line.

It's one of the little things I've been able to do between getting Internet connectivity and the arrival of my desk!