Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back in the Office again.

There's still much to do for the November issue, so I'm spending this rainy day (another one in a cast of thousands, it seems, this year) in the office. It's good to feel up to the task.

I have been alerted to an errata from the August, 2009 issue of Knit Together, on page 17, under Knitting Getaways: Julia Bryant's telephone number is 485-1751, not 61 as stated. My apologies to Julia. I hope that anyone interested in her inspiring tour of Morocco is able to reach her by e-mail, or through another avenue or her blog, .

Change is in the wind at Canadian Guild of Knitters, and we will be making some announcements in our November issue. All things evolve, and so must I.

Now, it's off to write (or do paperwork... it's a toss up!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trying to get back on track

It's been a long summer and early fall. Too much bad weather has helped to make for a long, uphill climb that some days just didn't seem worth the effort. The tide is turning a bit, and I'm trying to get myself back on track.

The November issue got started soon after the August issue went into the mail. It still needs more work than I would like at this stage, and I've still got membership renewals that have come in during the last month to process. Today, however, I finally got to mark the Level 1 materials that have been in the office for far too long. Just two test packages of Level 2 materials to mark, now.

Time and health haven't been my friends of late, but I am gradually getting reacquainted with both. I thank you for your patience as I work through it.

Knitting wise, I have been able to get some simple projects done. A knit-along (KAL) on the EZasPi yahoo group ( has got me doing a few Baby Surprise Jackets (BSJs). I have a good reason, as Darling's son and daughter-in-law are expecting. Here's the one I have done in DK yarn. From the leftovers, I've made a pair of socks from Cabin Fever's Tiny Speckled Toes pattern and a bonned adapted from an old Paton's book.
A second one was done in white Cotton Club (discontinued yarn) with black-and-red and black-and-white stripes, and one from a new, printed yarn called Splash by King Cole. I found it on an expedition to a new yarn shop in Scarborough called Creative Yarns, located in a plaza on a corner of Warden Avenue just south of the 401. They had some other yummy stuff there, too.
I've started a couple of complex projects, but have abandoned them for now. Soon, I'll get back to them.