Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Official Announcement

The November issue of Knit Together announced that Canadian Guild of Knitters has made a change with regard to its publication.
Henceforth, CGK members will receive A Needle Pulling Thread with their membership instead of Knit Together.
A Needle Pulling Thread, a multi-craft Canadian publication based in Newmarket, Ontario, recently expanded its knitting section by hiring editor Kate Atherley. Cynthia is pleased to announce that she will continue to communicate with Canadian Guild of Knitters' members in the way of technical articles, designs, and other writing for A Needle Pulling Thread.
This is a value-added matter for members, as they will now receive a 100+ full-colour publication with their membership.

The Knitting Accreditation Program, Random Acts of Knitting, and our branded products continue to be offered exclusively to CGK members; the only change members will see is in the publication.

To register with Canadian Guild of Knitters, visit our website,
The website is next on our list of things to take care of, so please bear with us if it hasn't been updated before you visit!