Monday, May 24, 2010

All the News

I can't believe it's been seven weeks since my last post!

There has been much going on... e-mails and phone calls have been going back and forth with the good folks at A Needle Pulling Thread, and I've been learning more about the workings and writings for a colour publication. We came up with an idea for a complimentary accessory for the project in the Festive 2010 issue, that will be great for gift-giving.

I had my first meeting with Editor Kate and we laid out the plans for the knitting section for A Needle Pulling Thread through to the end of 2011. Now, I need to get writing again. No, still.

The first issue of A Needle Pulling Thread was mailed to Canadian Guild of Knitters last week. It was very exciting to know that a copy of it was sitting in my mailbox, but going there would have landed me in the height of May 24 weekend traffic, so MY glimpse at the new issue will have to wait until tomorrow.

Because of the new system for distribution, I will be mailing out membership renewals under separate cover, so members should look for their renewals in the mail soon. I was supposed to be doing that last weekend, but I was down with the "office cold" which knocked me right off my feet. I haven't been that sick since the last time I had bronchitis!

Retail members recently were shipped a promotional offer from A Needle Pulling Thread, and one of our retailers advised that she didn't receive the flyer in her package. If you fit into this category, please let me know, so I can pass the information along to John at ANPT.

Earlier this month, I managed to get a little update done on the website. It still needs work, but I'm not up to snuff in the html department, so I'm doing the best I can.

On the home front, a lot has been happening, too. On April 27 we welcomed our new little angel to earth. Sarah has quickly become close to our hearts, and the apple of Grandad's eye. In this picture she is two days old, and she is in the arms of her great nana, who we had visit with my mom for Mother's Day.

The day after, I drove to Toronto to Knitter's Frolic, which is hosted by the Downtown Knit Collective. I went as a 'tourist' this year (I didn't have a booth), and visited with a lot of knitters and vendors.

As mentioned above, last weekend I had planned to get a lot of things done, but didn't! Instead, I yielded to sinus pressure.

Apart from baby knitting, I have got a few bits of knitting done. The 'sleeves in your pi' sweater I've been working on for several years is nearing completion -- about 5 inches of sleeve to go. I also needed a 'lace fix' and decided to make a shawl in honour of Sarah's arrival. I chose Haruni, which means 'grandmother' in a language created by JRR Tolkein in one of his books. Since I'm a 'grandmother by proxy', I thought making a shawl that means grandmother in a fictitious language was appropriate.

This past weekend I finally delivered two cardigans for my friend Karen -- one I knitted for her first grandson, and one I made from the leftovers for her second grandson -- they can quasi-match now... This one is Colin's.

Karen and I haven't seen much of each other lately. Between her becoming a grandmother, and running her first MARATHON (!) she's kind of busy. So, it was really great to get together with her and have a two-day visit!

Here we are sittin' and knittin' on Darling's new pontoon boat. Yes, that's Zoey on the back bench!

Yesterday we had the family over. Here are three generations of 'froggers': Grandad, Dad, and Tobias (proudly holding two of the critters while Grandad fetches the third from the net).
Today, I was back in the office, getting some bits cleaned up and getting this long-overdue blog post up. Darling has just called me for dinner (he's a keeper). I hope everyone got to enjoy some lovely holiday weather, and remembered to get some time in for their knitting.