Friday, October 22, 2010

Cynthia Update

Things are changing in my world -- I am going through a period of re-settlement

I am trying to stay on top of everything I need to, however there is much going on right now. Your patience as I go through these changes is appreciated!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rolling into Fall

Well, the temperatures have necessitated an additional blanket on the bed, the stacking of fire wood, and the cleaning and putting away of some of the summer clothes.

September was a busy month with the presence of Canadian Guild of Knitters at Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair, where we met many knitters -- some who are happy to see us featured in A Needle Pulling Thread, and some who told us they miss Knit Together. It was good to be feeling well enough to be there to meet and greet so many knitters this year. This is what our booth looked like this year -- the tall sign is a new addition -- I've wanted a good sign for a couple years now, and this was the year it happened!

The week after that, Canadian Guild of Knitters joined A Needle Pulling Thread at Knit Trade, a new show for yarn shop staff to see what new products they might carry in their shops. The show was put on by Cabin Fever, and, for a first event was quite successful -- they're planning to do it again next year, hopefully with some new wholesalers, and many more yarn shop registrants!

We had a lot of new people sign on in September, so today was a "catch up" day, getting membership cards processed and magazines and Level 1 packages off to people have ordered them within the last month.
Speaking of Level 1, Janie H. Knits in Perth Ontario has started a study group of knitters in her area interested in completing the Accreditation Program. We have a retailer incentive program, and Janie has recruited a lot of interest in Canadian Guild of Knitters. For more information about our tetailer incentive program, contact Cynthia.
Next weekend is Thanksgiving. This year I'll be grateful for the recent happiness in our family, and for having my health restored. In the office, I plan to give the website another brush up and get caught up with our Random Acts of Knitting book givaways for this year... I'm a few months behind. The other thing on the agenda for next weekend is to get a serious dent in the rest of Level 2. I also have some level 2 material here to mark, and I believe there's a Level 1 coming in later this month to mark.
As the days grow shorter, the "to do" list continues to grow!