Sunday, January 23, 2011

What? A clean Desk?

It took two more weekends than planned, but I have my beautiful stack of mail all ready to go, and my desk is clean, except for the to do list. I still have to do a website update and there's always the next article!
When I went to mail three more Knitting Accreditation Programs, I found that I need to do another printing, so it will be another day or two before those packages get into the mail.

Kate, my editor at A Needle Pulling Thread has had me busy test knitting some felted potholders for an upcoming issue of ANPT. Here's a peek:
Pretty, eh?
Yes, that's Zoey, aka the Ming Princes, aka GirlyGirl, aka the light of my life in the top left corner. She's keeping an eye on things, as always.
I'm really developing a weekend routine again. Today, I even got some of my projects updated on Ravelry!
I never found the knit-along I was seeking, so I've decided to continue on with the 'finishitis' projects, although I have started a pair of socks for Dad.
Yesterday I joined my friends at the Spinner's Guild and on Wednesday I hope to return to the local knitting guild.
The re-adjustment continues...aaaah...