Sunday, November 2, 2014

Time Marches On

It's late, we've just changed our clocks, and I've spent the whole day in the office on paperwork.

So much has happened since I last posted to this blog.  I had to say goodbye to one of my favourite knitting designers, Bernice Vollick, aka Mamabearknits.  Bernice has passed away, but her patterns are still available through Ravelry, I understand.

I'm still a website neophyte, but I discovered tonight that the interface that's come into play since the last time I did a website update is much more user-friendly!  I think I only spent 3 hours trying to do an update of several pages.  But, every time I go into "website land", I learn something.

I also acquired a full-size keyboard for my laptop computer, and am learning to fly over the keys once more.

Knitting wise, there's been a lot of progress... In the last couple years I've made several pair of socks, two or three shawls, about 6 pair of knee-high baby bootees (see Bendy Bootees in the Spring, 2014 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread), two jackets also for the magazine, and a blanket for the magazine.

This blog is being revived because we're looking for a following for a new initiative I'm helping A Needle Pulling thread with.  So, come along, and keep your ear to the ground -- good things are coming!