Sunday, June 22, 2008

A quick look back

When your last issue was already too far behind schedule, you don't want to take a lot of time for reflection, however, I hope you'll indulge me this one look back at the February issue...

We knitted the pattern for this issue twice. Once in Select10n acrylic and mohair blend, and again in crochet cotton, about size 10. Here is a comparison of how the two looked on the blocking board...

Exact same pattern, just done with different yarn on different needles.

This weekend has been spent preparing the house for a 'family do' a couple weeks from now. I love it when the hardwood shines! I, however, am not beaming, but aching.

The yarns have already been selected to feature in Knit Together's next issue, as have a couple of the books. Now that the website updates have been done, it's time to go and write a couple of notes to include with those long-distance magazines, and make up a yarn swatch and, perhaps, dinner.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's in the Mail!

With very few exceptions, the February issue of Knit Together is now in the hands of Canada Post, and not a minute too soon!

In addition to my thanks to Ilga Leja of Halifax, I also want to give a shout-out to Eleanor Anderson, who designed or main project in this issue, and Anthea Benson of BC for her wonder piece about the Fibre Chicks. Also thanks to my work-out buddy and scrapbooking consultant Cheryl for putting magazines into envelopes after an hour's workout, and to Darling, who helped with labelling and postage this issue. I am grateful, indeed!

Serendipity has entered my life again, with some bins to house swatches, books and other items to feature in upcoming issues of Knit Together.

The move continues... some framed pieces, half of my cookbooks (the half I'm keeping), a lamp and yet another box of kitchen bits filled another carload to the new place. It has been a long time since I've moved, and I'm not sure which is worse: doing it all in the span of six weeks, or having the luxury of six months to agonize over what to keep and what to move along.

In the knitting department, I needed a 'quick start' project for the car one day, so I started the Queen Anne's Lace shawl in some light grey alpaca I purchased in Nederland Colorado in April '07. I think the pattern is free on-line from MMario's blog,

I also bought some Malabrigo yarn I bought from a LYS. It's a handpainted 51% silk and 49% wool I'm hoping to use for a project in the next issue of Knit Together. The beat goes on...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

February's almost out there!

I've worked hard all weekend to get the finishing touches on Knit Together, and I'm happy to report that the printer now has all the pieces she needs to get me some proofs!

Retailers have been contacted for Shopping Opportunities, a members' list has been updated so I can set up the labels while the printer does her magic, and we're comin' into the home stretch!

I want to thank Ilga Leja of Halifax NS for coming to my rescue as the designer for this issue. Ilga's a great lady and an amazing designer. You'll be hearing more from her in the coming issues.

Work is also on-going for the May, 2008 issue too (yes, I KNOW what month this is). I cast on a yarn to review this morning on my 'coffee break' (yes, I'm structuring my weekends this way, despite living on a beautiful passage of river). Our knitter feature for that issue is already done, our books are at least lined up for review, Knitting Out Loud has sent us another book to listen to on the morning and afternoon commutes, and life is looking pretty rosy here at Canadian Guild of Knitters!

Thank you everyone for your patience with Knit Together while I sorted out this whole house sale thing, and thanks for your understanding as I complete the move. I'm keeping my feet to the fire, and don't mind your help to that end along the way.

If you know of a great knitter or knitting designer or want to write about your very own favourite Local Yarn Shop, do so, and submit it. We pay for published submissions!

Darling has dinner on the barbecue, so, after leaving him alone all day, I'm off to enjoy a lovely Sunday dinner with him.