Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring ANPT and Level 2

Happy Valentines Day, knitters!

The Spring, 2010 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread is now at the printer; this weekend was spent working on updates to the membership list in preparation for the mail-out.

With all that has gone on over the past few months, I have not sent out renewals to members whose memberships lapsed between August and October, 2010. For these members, the Festive, 2010 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread was the last one of their membership. This weekend I began preparing renewal notices for this group. As the renewals come in, the Spring issue will be mailed out to those members who fall into this group.

Another sign that I'm getting caught up with my workload is that Level 2 has been placed back in its proper location -- on the front burner! It was never intended to simmer on the back burner this long. The target now is to have another batch of exercises tested this spring (guess what I'm doing on the new Ontario February holiday), and get it released this summer.

There's still much to do: I've got several pieces to write for upcoming issues of A Needle Pulling Thread, which also got deferred over the past few months, and I've got a pattern simmering in the appropriate lobe for an oven mitt in reversible knitting.

It feels unbelievably good to be getting back on track.