Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 13th again??

OK, this whole time thing is just getting stupid!

Last week I got the printer's copy uploaded for the next issue of Knit Together, and I haven't had a chance to proofread a damned thing!

I stayed home from K-W to get that done, but instead wound up helping Darling stain the shed he built for my CGK booth materials and other things. For those of you who missed us at K-W this year, we're sorry, but we were short-staffed for the booth this year, and I had another commitment. See you in 2010!

We've packed a lot of living into the last month, and it's kind of important that we do so right now.

One thing we did do a couple weeks ago is another batch of Hot Rod Relish, the first since 2007. It's a family recipe made with tomatoes, sweet green and red and hot red peppers. It's like salsa, but with 5 cups of sugar in a batch. Trivia: there are 25 cups of sugar in the jars on the right! You make 5 batches every couple of years, and it keeps the whole family happy!

This morning we went for a long paddle, one of the first of the season, and the longest one since I moved here last year. Darling snapped this photo of me and Zoey, our CGK mascot:

It was nice to have a summer day to enjoy at least a piece of!