Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And Another Month Flew By!

And, it was a busy one!

Before the Cambridge WWKIP event and the Midland Tornado (my last two posts), I learned of a shower for my brother's bride-to-be. So, I decided to knit something for her. Now, I doubt that she reads my blog (or even knows it exists), so, I can happily say that my 'power knitting' efforts were successful; I finished the project with weeks to spare! Still, I won't mention any more here for fear of giving away a surprise.
Darling has been busy with art shows -- he does bird studies in watercolours. I don't have a photo of one of his recent works, but here is an older specimen -- this painting is now in Australia. At the same time he was doing art shows, we were joined by some of his relatives from New Zealand. A good time was had by all, and both Tina (visiting) and Cynthia got some handsome new luggage!
I've been working on my article for the Spring 2011 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread. Renewals for people whose memberships expired with the Summer 2010 issue are now in the mail.
The Fall 2010 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread is currently at the printer's, and renewals for CGK members whose memberships conclude with the Fall issue will be processed soon.
The website, too, received a mini overhaul... check out the home and retailers' pages.
We've been in touch with the good folks at Kitchener-Waterloo Guild, making our plans for this fall's Knitter's Fair. If you're planning to attend this event this year, we're planning to be there to greet you!
The work at Canadian Guild of Knitters is always on-going. Apart from finishing my Spring 2011 submission to A Needle Pulling Thread, other tasks on the slate for the August long weekend are finalizing the draws for the June and July Random Acts of Knitting (see the website for details) and doing further edits and photos for Level 2 of the Knitting Accreditation Program. Cynthia has a design to prepare for the Fall, 2011 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread, too.
First, though, is a canoe-camping trip with the fella for a couple days. Wish me luck! And, yes, I'm taking some knitting...